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Dispense Records are used to transfer details of a dispense record, in a format suitable for sharing within My Health Record.

Dispense Records in the Australian context

Dispense Records are an electronic record of dispensed medications  that may transferred to a Prescription Delivery Service (PDS) that may also be uploaded to the individual’s My Health Record.

Context in digital health

The purpose of the eHealth Dispense Record is to define the clinical content for a nationally-agreed record containing medication information that has been dispensed by pharmacies to ensure there is an accurate record of medications dispensed to the patient.

eHealth Dispense Diagram

Figure 1: eHealth dispense record document delivery

These flows are described below:

  1. The pharmacist dispenses the medications in a prescription and creates a dispense record in their local system.
  2. The authoring system converts the clinical information into a structured electronic document and uploads it to a PES.
  3. The PES uploads the eHealth dispense record to the individual’s My Health Record.


Feature specifications

The Australian Digital Health Agency has provided the following specifications that apply to the eHealth dispense record described above:

Related specifications


February, 2015
This release of the eHealth Dispense Record end product introduces support for Australian Medicines Terminology (AMT) Version 3 codes for therapeutic goods. In previous releases, codes for the identification of therapeutic goods needed to be sourced from AMT Version 2 and PBS code sets only. This limitation has been removed in this release, allowing document producers to also include codes from AMT Version 3. This document mentions the National Prescription and Dispense Repository (NPDR) that was decommissioned in December 2016. My Health Record repository services are currently provided through the National Repositories Service (NRS).
August, 2014
This incremental release of the eHealth Dispense Record end product introduces the template package library as a new product component. ‘PCEHR Dispense Record’ has been changed to ‘eHealth dispense record’. This is reflected in the name of this end product and the names of its new or updated product components. Names of other product components will be adjusted in the next update.
October, 2013
This release of the PCEHR Dispense Record end product introduces updates to the conformance profile for PCEHR Dispense Record documents.
May, 2012
The release will assist clinical information system vendors with the design and development of their systems, specifically to parse, extract and process information contained within the PCEHR Dispense Record CDA documents that have been retrieved from the My Health Record system using the business-to-business gateway.