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The Australian Digital Health Agency's Developer Centre provides resources, tools, code, guides, information and contacts to assist software developers connecting digital health solutions to each other and to the national infrastructure.

Information on this site is segmented into the following groups:

Major Platforms

Broad areas of Digital Health with a range of dedicated resources.

My Health Record


Comprehensive indexes to all content across the site including major platforms, products, specifications, faqs and related resources. 

Within each topic you will find resources sorted into the following types:

  • Sample Code
  • Specifications (including Release Notes and Product Components)
  • Toolkits
  • Webinars and Events


A general search of all content can be made at the top of any page. For a specific resource/s, you can search by any of the types listed above using the: 

Open Source Sample Code Directory

Additional code and resources are available collaboratively on GitHub and NuGet. More information here:

Downloading specifications and user accounts

Specifications can be searched or browsed without logging in. If you wish to download the detailed specification, it is necessary to register a new account or log-in to an existing account. This is a requirement so you can be notified when the specification is updated.


We welcome your feedback and suggestions, please contact [email protected]