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If you would like to connect your software to the My Health Record system, you are in the right place.

The Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA) provides several mechanisms for software to interact with the My Health Record system. Please read the options below and click to continue. If you are unsure which option is best, please contact us on [email protected] for advice.


B2B Gateway

Business to Business
(B2B) Gateway

This is the most common mechanism for connecting Clinical Information Systems to the My Health Record system. The B2B Gateway SOAP-based APIs allow the most comprehensive read & write functionality for healthcare providers. Desktop and cloud systems can connect and your customers authenticate using their NASH certificate.

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Clinical Information System to
National Provider Portal

CIS to NPP allows you to easily embed read-only My Health Record functionality in your product using a Browser Control which receives patient context from your interface. This is a fast way to implement My Health Record for healthcare providers, although it has some limitations such as requiring all end-users to have a HPI-I which is linked to an organisation. Desktop and cloud systems can connect and your customers authenticate using their NASH certificate

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FHIR Gateway

Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources

This method is most commonly used for mobile or web-based applications. It is currently only available for consumer use. The FHIR Gateway is also currently read-only. If you are creating consumer apps and wish to access some My Health Record content, then the FHIR Gateway would likely be your preferred method to connect. Users authenticate using their MyGov credentials.

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Open Source Middleware provided
by the ADHA

HIPS is middleware which you run within your own infrastructure to provide read & write functionality. It conducts some of the orchestration of the Healthcare Identifiers (HI) Service and My Health Record system for you. If you are a large healthcare organisation (such as a hospital) looking to integrate My Health Record functionality then HIPS may be your preferred method.

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