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My Health Record integration is typically done in two tranches. Connecting to the Healthcare Identifiers Service and the My Health Record system.

Note: Before you start your development, you will need to have completed the:

1- Healthcare Identifiers Service

Before software connects to the My Health Record system, the software first must be able to identify both the patient and the healthcare provider which is done through the Healthcare Identifiers (HI) Service. The HI Service Business to Business (B2B) Gateway exposes as SOAP based web services.

The Healthcare Identifiers service manages 3 sets of identifiers:

Individual Healthcare Identifier (IHI), assigned to Healthcare consumers, Healthcare Provider Identifier–Individual - (HPI-I), assigned to Healthcare providers, and Healthcare Provider Identifier–Organisation (HPI-O), assigned to organisations. 

Note: Searching for HPI-Os is not applicable for My Health Record integration. As a Healthcare Provider Identifier for Organisations do not change during an organisation’s life, it should only need to be captured once.

Rather than connecting to the HI Service to retrieve the HPI-O it is easier to record the HPI-O in the clinical information system at the time of site activation rather than retrieving it from the HI Service.

  • HI Scope and Development  
    HI use cases, conformance requirements and test specifications to help scope your HI development. Learn more 
  • HI Test and Go Live 
    This section provides full guidance on the steps to test your software for conformance to the Healthcare Identifiers (HI) Service. Learn more 

See our article on sample code, for developer resources for connecting to the Healthcare Identifiers Service and My Health Record system.

2 - My Health Record system

Once you have connected to the Healthcare Identifiers Service you can then connect to the My Health Record system via the Business to Business (B2B) Gateway. The B2B Gateway provides a way to provide My Health Record functionality directly and natively into your software.

My Health Record B2B Specifications
The My Health Record B2B Specifications are available as four service specifications, each service specification is provided both as a logical and technical service specification.

Record Access

The Record Access Service enables software to discover whether a patient has an advertised My Health Record (required for both viewing a patient’s my health record and uploading to a patient’s my health record) as well as gaining access to a patient’s My Health Record (required for software which is viewing a patient’s My Health Record)

Document Exchange

The Document Exchange Service is an XDS.b based service for uploading, replacing, removing and downloading Clinical Documents from the My Health Record service. This service is suitable for both uploading to the My Health Record as well as viewing.

View Service

The view service provides a set of dynamic, virtual results set collated from records and clinical documents. The view service is suitable for those systems viewing a patient’s My Health Record.

Registration Service

The registration service allows software developers to offer assisted registration functionality in their software to create a My Health Record for those patient’s who don’t have one but would like one.

Conformance Specifications​ 

  • PCEHR Connecting Systems 
    The conformance assessment scheme for clinical information systems connecting to the My Health Record system. Learn more 
  • Uploading Clinical Documents 
    Detailed specifications for all clinical documents. Learn more ​
  • My Health Record Usability Guidelines 
    It is recommended that the following usability guidelines, referenced in the My Health Record Usability Recommendations on the Agency website, be considered. Learn more

My Health Record Functionalities
The My Health Record allows different types of functionality including uploading of clinical documents and accessing targeted My Health Record views.The following table describes the My Health Record functionalities and their relevance to various Healthcare sectors.

✓✓ Highly Recommended     ✓ Recommended

Uploading GP  Pharmacy  Pathology Diagnostic 
Shared Health Summary ✓✓        
Event Summary ✓✓     ✓✓
eHealth Prescription Record ✓✓        
eHealth Dispense Record   ✓✓      
eHealth Pathology Report     ✓✓    
eHealth Diagnostic Imaging Report       ✓✓  
Viewing GP Pharmacy Pathology Diagnostic
Health Record Overview ✓✓
Medicare Overview ✓✓ ✓✓
eHealth Pathology Report View ✓✓ ✓✓ ✓✓
eHealth Diagnostic Imaging Report View ✓✓ ✓✓ ✓✓
eHealth Prescription & Dispense View ✓✓ ✓✓ ✓✓
eHealth Medicines View ** ✓✓ ✓✓ ✓✓

** The eHealth Medicines View is not a document that is uploaded by clinical information software. It can only be downloaded via the document list.

For GP desktop software, please also read about the Practice Incentives Program. Learn more

My Health Record Testing and Go Live

  • My Health Record Notice Of Connection (NOC) testing and Conformance Compliance and Declaration 
    Instructions and resources needed to test with software linking to My Health Record. Learn more
  • My Health Record Conformance Vendor Declaration Form 
    Upon completion of both NOC and conformance testing, you must complete the Conformance Vendor Declaration Form (for instructions, see: Instructions for completing the Conformance Vendor Declaration Form). By completing the Conformance Vendor Declaration Form, you are declaring conformance against the conformance profiles and specifications. Both documents are available in the My Health Record Welcome Pack.
  • Vendor Deed Poll  
    Attached to the My Health Record Conformance Vendor Declaration Form is a Vendor Deed Poll that outlines a number of operational obligations to which you must agree when connecting a software product to the My Health Record system. The deed poll requires a signature from an authorised delegate of your organisation. The signature on the deed poll must be witnessed. 

    The System Operator has a responsibility to perform regular quality assurance analysis of the data and transactions submitted by products that connect to the My Health Record system (Operative Provision 9 in deed poll). If required, your organisation may be requested to assist with any product-specific analysis undertaken. The System Operator will keep your organisation informed of any findings related to your product(s). 

    Please email the completed Conformance Vendor Declaration Form to: [email protected]

    See our article on source code, which covers sample code for connecting to the My Health Record system. 

    Please contact [email protected] for a confidential discussion about your product integration to the My Health Record system and the support available from the Australian Digital Health Agency.

For information on My Health Record Mobile Application development visit: